How To Play

The goal of this game is simple - you earn points by clicking the poop.
Your clicking skills are low at the beginning of the game - you must earn points to unlock new items.
All in all, there are 8 different items to unlock in this game.

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Poop Clicker

Poop Clicker is another clicking game which is available online. In fact, you can also download this game for your smartphone and play it there for free too. The aim of the game is very simple and straightforward - you must click the poop to get points and upgrade your skills. At the beginning of the game, your skills are very poor, and you don't have any level-ups. Click the poop as fast as you can to get the needed ammount of poops to upgrade.

Even though that there are a lot of other clicker games on the internet, I love playing the Poop Clicker. It has a lot of upgrades and level-ups and I just have fun playing it. Remember that our website automatically saves your gaming process. This means that you won't have to start from the beginning next time you open the game. Have fun with Poop Clicker.


How To Unlock All Items

1. Toilet Paper Roll:

  • Points Required: 10
  • Description: The first item you unlock, a basic toilet paper roll to clean up the mess.

2. Plunger:

  • Points Required: 50
  • Description: A trusty plunger to help you deal with more substantial poops and earn points faster.

3. Golden Scooper:

  • Points Required: 200
  • Description: Upgrade to a golden scooper for a more efficient poop-clicking experience.

4. Flush Button:

  • Points Required: 500
  • Description: Automate the flushing process and earn points even when you're not actively clicking.

5. Diamond-Encrusted Toilet:

  • Points Required: 1,000
  • Description: Upgrade to a luxurious toilet, increasing point generation with every click.

6. Poop Vacuum:

  • Points Required: 5,000
  • Description: Suck up poop at an accelerated rate and watch your points skyrocket.

7. Jet Propelled Bidet:

  • Points Required: 10,000
  • Description: Upgrade your toilet experience with a high-powered bidet, boosting points per click.

8. Chocolate Fountain:

  • Points Required: 50,000
  • Description: Transform your poop into a chocolate fountain, greatly multiplying your point gains.

9. Time-Warping Toilet:

  • Points Required: 100,000
  • Description: Enter a different time dimension, where each click yields even more points.

10. Unicorn Poop Emitter:

  • Points Required: 1,000,000
  • Description: Summon magical unicorn poop for an unprecedented points bonanza.


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