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Planet Clicker 2

Greetings, cosmic explorers! Prepare for an out-of-this-world adventure with Planet Clicker 2. Your mission? Harness the power of your clicks to conquer planets, unlock celestial upgrades, and ascend to cosmic supremacy. Let's embark on this stellar journey and conquer the universe, one click at a time!

How to Play:

1. Click to Conquer: Your journey begins with a single click. Click on planets to conquer and accumulate cosmic power. Each click propels you closer to intergalactic dominance and unlocks new planets for conquest.

2. Upgrade Your Fleet: Invest your cosmic power wisely to upgrade your space fleet. Acquire powerful spaceships, hire skilled commanders, and unlock advanced technologies to increase your clicking efficiency and conquer planets faster.

3. Explore New Galaxies: Conquering planets opens gateways to new galaxies. Explore diverse cosmic landscapes, each with its unique challenges and opportunities. Adapt your strategy to conquer the ever-expanding universe.

4. Galactic Conquests: Conquer entire galaxies to earn massive boosts and unlock legendary rewards. Expand your cosmic empire and become the undisputed ruler of the cosmos. Keep an eye on the galaxy map for conquest opportunities!

Strategies for Cosmic Conquest:

1. Optimize Upgrades: Tailor your upgrades to your play style. Some upgrades focus on increasing your click power, while others automate your conquest process. Experiment with different strategies to find the optimal path to cosmic dominance.

2. Planetary Challenges: Each conquered planet presents unique challenges. Adapt your fleet and strategy to overcome these challenges and maximize your cosmic power extraction. The more challenging the planet, the greater the rewards!

3. Prestige and Ascend: When your cosmic power reaches new heights, consider prestiging to gain powerful artifacts. These artifacts provide permanent boosts, enhancing your abilities and accelerating your journey towards universal domination.


Planet Clicker 2 is not just a game; it's a celestial conquest that invites you to explore the vastness of the universe. So, strap in, start clicking, and witness as your cosmic empire expands across galaxies. Are you ready to ascend to the cosmic throne and etch your name among the stars? Let the planetary conquest begin!

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